SERAYA MERAYA is the closing event of CHERNIVAL 2021 which aims to introduce the Department of Chemical Engineering FT-IRS ITS and HIMATEKK ITS through several series of cool events.



Seraya Meraya will present a Talkshow with the theme of mental health with the topics discussed being FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and Burnout Syndrome. The topics we brought are two of the most discussed and recently happened on social media. Seeing this phenomenon, we organized an event with the concept of a Talkshow so that the knowledge conveyed by the speakers who will also be guided by a host can be received and understood in a light and pleasant way.


Our next event is a Digital Exhibition. Seraya Meraya will display a Digital Exhibition that describes ITS Chemical Engineering in general with animations that are conceptualized lightly but without compromising the essence and purpose of introducing the ITS Chemical Engineering Department to the general public which later this Digital Exhibition will be guided by a mascot named Benzi.


And the final series of our events is a Virtual Charity. Seraya Meraya is an event that closes with a Virtual Charity Concert. The purpose of holding the Virtual Charity Concert is to entertain the general public with a virtual concert enlivened by a famous Indonesian singer, Nadin Amizah, which will also be enhanced by the presence of Charity. The purpose of holding Charity is to share happiness by assisting in the form of donations collected from Seraya Meraya connoisseurs whose donation opening takes place a few weeks before the Seraya Meraya takes place and will be closed at the end of the Seraya Meraya event, whereupon the donation will be distributed to a designated party.


Reveal GS, Speaker & Poster


October 4th - 10th, 2021

Open Registration


October 16th - 29th, 2021



September 17th, 2021 – September 18th, 2021



October xxth - xxth, 2021


1. Go to and click the register button, you’ll be directed to platform.

2. Choose “+” in the ticket which named SERAYA MERAYA, then click “Dapatkan Tiket”.

3. Fill your identity based on the form (in 15 minutes of fulfillment), here you can also find Telegram Group of Seraya Meraya where you’ve to join to get all information regarding the event.

4. Then click submit.

5. Check your registered email to get the ticket that you’ve bought or you can click e-voucher button as a proof that you’ve registered.

6. After your transaction is successfully processed, you’ll get e-voucher regarding the event via registered email.

7. On the e-voucher, click watch here to get the attendance link where will be ready to access one day before the event.

8. One day before the event, you'll receive reminder email from Chernival which consists the same attendance link.

9. There, you MUST to fill the attendance form to get the private YouTube link for watching SERAYA MERAYA.

10. Enjoy the hype!

That's right because the link to join our event can only be obtained when filling out the attendance link in the form of a private YouTube link.

Streaming is done through youtube and the link is obtained with registration experience and attendance after that will get a limited youtube link.

We also provide a telegram group that you are expected to join after signing up to get the latest information and report problems.

That's right, every participant who has registered, filled out the attendance link, filled out the feedback link, and documented the event will get an e-certificate, a maximum of 1 week after the event.

Not only on D-day. Charity or donations can be started after we reveal our event poster and end when our event is finished.

1. You can directly go to platform.

2. Click "Donate Now".

3. Fill the nominal of your donation.

4. Choose the payment method.

5. Fill you name and your phone number/email (or you can make it as anonymous if you want).

SERAYA MERAYA Chernival is in collaboration with Tolong Foundation.

We will distribute the donation to Panti Asuhan Padang bulan (

Jl. Harmonika baru no 76, padang bulan selayang II, Kec Medan Selayang, Kota Medan, sumatera Utara 20115, Indonesia

Panti Asuhan Padang Bulan handles 32 children in the aims to develop social and religion aspect.

For now, Panti Asuhan Padang Bulan always searches for donors but they don't have any platform that facilitates them. Moreover, this orphanage still have to rent their house. In addition, Panti Asuhan Padang Bulan also needs help to facilitate equipment for school of the orphans.

The registration starts from October 16th, 2021 to October 29th, 2021.

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