ICRCC 2023

Indonesia Chemical Reaction Car Competition

All undergraduate students majoring in Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, Chemistry, and further courses are invited to contribute their knowledge, creativity, and ability in a team to innovate a new and eco-friendly resources.

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About The Competition

Indonesia Chemical Reaction Car Competition (ICRCC) is an international competition which is held for undergraduate students to design and make prototype cars driven by chemical reactions that will safely carry a specified load over a given distance and stop. The aim of this competition is to demonstrate the participant’s ability to control a chemical reaction.

Aftermovie ICRCC

Final Stage will be held OFFLINE

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Prizes & Awards

Total Prize

1st Winner

Rp14.000.000, Trophy & Certificate


Best Poster

Rp1.000.000 & Certificate


2nd Winner

Rp9.000.000, Trophy & Certificate


Best Presentation

Rp1.000.000 & Certificate


3rd Winner

Rp7.000.000, Trophy & Certificate


Most Eco-Friendly Car

Rp1.000.000 & Certificate


4th Winner

Trophy & Certificate


Most Consistent Performance

Rp1.000.000 & Certificate


5th Winner

Trophy & Certificate


Most Favorite Video Profile

Rp1.000.000 & Certificate


When is the ICRCC 2023 registration date?

January 6th - March 26th, 2023

Who can apply to ICRCC 2023?

The competition is open to all national and international undergraduate active students in any engineering or natural science discipline with a minimum of two students in the team majoring in Chemical Engineering. The team must consist of maximum 5 students.

How is the system of the competition?

The first stage will be held online and the final stage (Technical Meeting - Awarding and Gala Dinner) will be held offline in Surabaya. The order of the ICRCC 2023 events includes:
1. First Stage:

  • Registration
  • JSA and Concept Submission
  • JSA Review and Concept Revision
2. Final Stage:
  • Finalist Registration, Poster and Video Profile Submission
  • Technical Meeting
  • Presentation and Inspection
  • Race Competition

What are the benefits of joining the ICRCC 2023?

- The total grand prize reaches IDR 35 million plus trophies and certificates!
- Get a chance to win one of the five award categories and get IDR 1.000.000 in prizes and certificates!

How much is the price for the registration?

Initial registration is free of charge and only needs to complete the existing regulations. However, all teams selected as finalist ICRCC 2023 have to pay IDR 1.000.000/team as a finalist registration fee.

How to register?

  • Register your team at www.chernival.com and go to the ICRCC section at the top right (click “Register”).
  • After submitting the registration, participants will receive an email consisting of registration confirmation, JSA Form, and other document formats which participants will use in “JSA and Concept Submission”.
  • Follow the rules and regulations from the rules book given.

Is transportation and accommodation provided?

We do not provide team transportation and accommodation at this time. Therefore, the travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the team.

Is the use of a microcontroller allowed?

Yes, the use of Arduino microcontroller programs is allowed

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Chemical Engineering Department Building N107,
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